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    I'd like to thank everyone for their valuable input in reply to my several questions about the current installation of a vertical loop at my house. As a result of your input, I have learned much and was able to steer my driller away from the idea of grouting with gravel by refusing his argument based on the challenge of getting his grouting rig up the mountain road to the house. In the end, he did get his rig up here even though it is a long dual axle one.
    The grouting used is a mixture of Barotherm Gold "two part thermally conductive grout" by Halliburton and fine sand in the three, four hundred foot bores.

    I'm wondering if there is any general rule for the physical separation distance of the supply and return loop lines running in the trenches connecting the bore sites and then from the manifold into the house?

    While I understand the general concept of heat transfer that takes place underground in the loop, I'd be interested to know (just to better understand how it works) about the temperature differences between water in the supply vs return portions of the loop itself. My guess is that there would be a fairly large temp. difference between the two ends of the loop, but I have heard that it's only a few degrees, as in single digit, which I don't understand.

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    Delta T (temp difference) is small between entering and leaving water temps.
    We generally bury supply and return pipes in same trench.
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    Kudos to your driller for grouting rather than dumping!! As far as the temprature differance in your incoming and outgoing supply lines to the loop, it is a function of the load and the machine. Seperating the lines in a residential system would never hurt, but I would be concerned that there would be no appreciable benefit for the money/time invested in that excercise. Typically there is a piping schedule for commercial jobs, but I question the measurable return on that application as well.
    hope this helps

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