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    Hello All,

    I've been hanging around here for a while now, and wanted to start this testimonial several times. It wasn't until yesterday that I thought I had enough to make this story worthwhile to the reader.

    The quick lead-in: Location of Long Island, NY 11793. I'm a previous oil user for heat & DHW, window AC's. October 2013 installation of 4 ton ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 split, closed vertical loop (4 bores of 200' depth) with 25% glycol, DSH, single electric HWH. The installer is now gone, and left dozens of clients with half-finished installs. By the grace of God mine was "completed".

    After dealing with the post-commissioning tweaks and a few relatively minor issues, my system carried me along until January 3, 2014. I remember the date because that was Polar Vortex time - I had a pipe burst and my heating system couldn't maintain set temp. So that day I repaired the pipe and learned what an auxiliary heat strip was.

    As the year went on, I involved myself in blower door tests, airsealing rim joists, replacing drafty doors, insulating the attic properly and adding a DHW/DSH buffer tank. Last but not least was playing with the WEL I got for Christmas.

    So why post now? Just received my most recent electric bill, and entered usage into my spreadsheet. What I'm seeing is that my oil consumption (which was routinely 900 gallons annually, approx. $3000) was replaced by $3000 of electricity in the first year of geo usage. :( or so I thought. But it was an extreme winter, so I figured my oil bill would have been significantly higher :D!

    Fast forward to last night... looking over the last 12 months of electric usage, I am at $2000! I'm sure this "milder" winter has something to do with it, and I haven't done an HDD comparison, but I am happy. AND I now have the central AC that's been on the wish list for 17 years or so! Last summer was sooooo comfortable at home.

    I still have some more building envelope work to do, which I imagine can only brighten the picture further.

    So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here who has graciously given of their time to listen, help, ask, then help again. The degree of expertise and good will on display here is beyond impressive. The way I know best to return the favors is to pay it forward (but if I'm ever driving through your neck of the woods, I'll be sure to stop by with a six-pack;))

    The journey continues... I'll be back...
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    Great Post....thanks

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