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    Good morning,

    I'm currently moving into a new home that has a geo thermal unit. The good is the current house I'm in also has a geo unit. So i'm some what familiar with the setup. I do however have some questions in regards to the set up of the new one.

    Question one - Both homes are in the midwest. The new house is about 2100 sqft on the upper level. I noticed that they only put a 36 series in it. (the unit is a waterfurance legend). The current house I live in is about 1750 sqft and has a geocomfort compass series 48 in it. Do you think the 36 will heat/cool efficiently? Also from reading it sounds like the unit I have now is a bit better with the variable speed compressor and it is also a two stage unit. I will say I had a HVAC guy replace a contactor on the compass model and he did say it was a pretty big unit for the house.

    Question two - My old house had an on demand water heater. The new is a tank water heater. I noticed they have it setup to use the geo unit. It has two tanks I believe one is a buffer. Is there anything special I need to know or check on in this setup?

    Question three (futuristic) - Say down the road the furnace goes bad; Can I upgrade the unit from a 36 to a 48 using the loop infrastructure that is already there?

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