More Energy than a 13 SEER A/C

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    Piping looks reasonable.

    What kind of flowcenter do you have? What pump(s).
    Model Number? Haw many?
  2. Calladrilling

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    Was the tee'd connections done using a 1st on last off (reverse return method) or in the same order for supply and return?
  3. Steve9998

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    Originally there was a ClimateMaster Flow Center Model # AFCG2C1 on the system.
    About 4 to 5 months ago dealer put in a Non-Pressure Flow Center Model 2-230QFC-G B&D
    I was told it was now the type of pump recommended by IGSHPA and in addition they
    referred to it as the "no call back pump"

    While answer these questions a new one came in. I cannot say at the 100% level, but what I think they did
    was take one pipe from each hole and run it to where the Tee trench started. There they connected them to a
    device that allowed for multiple connections in and one larger connection out. I think they hooked them to
    this connection in the order and manner that was most convenient. I am pretty sure they weren't pay attention to order.
    Then they took the other end of each loop and did the same connecting to a second connection device that looked just like the other one.

    So the loops where ran up the trench and connected to these junction devices From there one 1.5" line was ran up the Tee trench to where it entered the house.
    and an identical hock-up for the remaining 5 pipes one from each loop and then a 2nd line up the trench to the hous.

    When I write this stuff it seems so unclear to me.
  4. Calladrilling

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    image.jpg Did it look like this?
  5. Steve9998

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    No it looked like this

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