Mix and match...old air to air air handler w. geo

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  1. greewing

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    A customer of mine has a relatively new Carrier air to air system and is interested in changing to geothermal. Since the existing unit uses R410A, and is 14 seer, is it conceivable that we could add the condenser section from a split geothermal unit to his air handlers?

    Secondly, is it conceivable that he might be able to claim the 30% tax credit for this arrangement?

    I'm aware that the information is available, I,m just inept at looking it up.

    Thank you

  2. AMI Contracting

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    Yes and yes.
    See your for details to employ the airhandlers (may require different TXV).
    Geo is geo, as long as efficiency is met you will qualify for your tax credit.

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