Missing rotatmeter in desuperheater loop

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by eisensms, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Many desuperheater loops are improperly installed such that the homeowners can't determine if
    they are getting any value or not. Are manufacturers addressing this issue, with better
    diagnostics as to the functioning of the desuperheater? Loops can get clogged with minerals over time.
    Homeowners checking the temperature of the loop connections can be easily fooled by
    conduction of heat from either the water heater or heat pump. Manufacturers should consider
    adding an idiot LED light to alert homeowners to malfunctions with their desuperheaters.
    I have not seen a good rotameter (flow indicator) included in most quotes when desuperheaters
    are added to a system. What have others observed?
  2. engineer

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    I disagree.

    The connections outside the cabinet are a foot or more from the compressor, and a hand check easily confirms the inlet / outlet temp diff indicative of a properly functioning unit. Addition of a flowmeter is expensive and may overly restrict flow.

    Another reasonable test is to flow a bit of hot water and then hand check the line between buffer and main water tanks. It should be warm consistent with recent operating hours of the heat pump

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