Minimum design temperature of loop fluid

Discussion in 'Vertical and Horizontal Loops' started by Davidren, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Davidren

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    In closed vertical loop, how to decide the minimum design temperature of loop fluid, by coldest temperature ?

    HP only has a minimum EWT.

  2. GCI

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    Min EWT is a parameter which the system designer will specify after weighing costs/benefits of first cost vs. system efficiency/operating cost.

    A good starting point for minimum EWT in design is about 20-25F below the deep earth temp in your project location.

    E.G. - If the deep earth temp in your area is 50F, a good starting point for minimum EWT would be around 30F.
  3. Davidren

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    How about the minimum loop fluid temp ?
  4. GCI

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    If you push 3 gpm/ton through the loopfield, which is the nominal flow rate you want to shoot for in a closed-loop GHEX, the fluid will return back to the field 4-6F colder.

    If the minimum EWT coming into the unit reaches 30F, it will return to the field at 24-26F. That will be the coldest fluid temp you should see throughout the year.

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