Major Waterfurnace problems

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Di2009, Jan 12, 2009.

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    Joe, what pipe layout do you put in the trench (4 pipe or something else)? What pipe diameter too? Thanks
  2. loathar80

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    on the duct work its was all replaced with insulated, all brand new. Climbed around today and found one 12" return off in the attic, and found one unhooked in the basement just blowing heat into the crawl space. i took pictures of them off and i am going to try to get some of my money back, i can believe this was overlooked. Do i have a case to try to get a refund? I did pay 6000 extra for all new duct work, and something like that shouldnt have been overlooked, and because of this overlook i have had extreme electric bills. any advice on that would be appreciated. All my rooms are nice temp and the machine is starting to not run as long. Also i will update tomorrow on tempatures i left my thermometers at work. On the loop design im not sure the size of the pipe in the ground. The bad thing is that the weather has been warm, so i am running out of time to see if it really fixed again. Will post tomorrow.
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    I'm unable to comment as to the likely outcome of a civil action to recover electricity costs.

    If the installing contractor is to blame for the duct issues you discovered and he / she has an ounce of integrity, then yes, you should expect some concession for the power bills.

    I have some rental properties and have on occasion knocked a bit off the rent or helped pay a power bill when an HVAC issue was to blame.
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    heres my 24 hour update, incoming (return) is 65 degrees and going out is 84 degrees, i think the problem is fixed, unit hasnt been kicked on stage 2 once and electric is completely off. i do have some minimal frosting on my lines, but i was told that some is normal. today its 40 degrees outside. i cant tell you all how much i appreciate the help and only wish i would have done this earlier. When it gets cold again and i have a problem (hopefully not) i will be back on here. again thank you. Will McCormick
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    That's good news.

    Too bad it took so long to figure out. When possible I like to read the kwh meter for a few days after a system goes in so as to head off trouble before it gets out of hand.

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