Pennsylvania "Maintenance" for Waterfurnace 5-Series

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by JFLame, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. JFLame

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    I have a Waterfurnace 5-series, with a closed loop, Intellizone2 zoning. It went online 12/31/2012.

    The dealer contacted me this year and said that the service plan they include a "free first year maintenance" with the installation. I've not yet made an appointment to have them come out.

    My question - what should they actually check on this system? It is a 4-ton prepackaged unit.

    1. Antifreeze?
    2. Freon level?
    3. ???

    In addition, how much of the "checking" should they (or can they) do with the WF AID tool as opposed to manual checks?

    I want to make sure that they send a knowledgeable tech, so I want some insight as to how you folks believe this "checkup" should be done.

  2. JFLame

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    Awesome! I'm judging by the complete lack of response from anybody that these systems are 100% maintenance free! Spread the word, ye consumers, dealers no longer matter since the systems are perfect!
  3. Forum Admin

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    Patience is a good thing and "search" is your friend.
  4. dgbair

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    They are pretty maintenance free... You should be changing your air filter every few months. (I hope you have been doing that)

    You could have them check the performance of the system. (ie Heat of Extraction) For that they just need to take water pressure/temperature readings and do a little math.

    Unless you are having problems they should NOT hook any refrig gauges to the system.
  5. docjenser

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    Filter , condensate drain should be the only maintenance items. Easy to take care of yourself.
  6. engineer

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    Doc's right - We have a 75 point PM checklist for air source split systems (we check capacitors, motor amps and a lot of other items) but for packaged water source systems installed in a sheltered environment not as much but still quite a bit, to wit:

    1) heat extracted / heat rejected calculation, compare to specs
    2) air filter maintenance
    3) condensate drain maintenance
    4) visual inspection of air coil, wiring, plumbing connections for obvious problems
    5) system voltage
    6) Compressor and blower amps - compare to specs
    7) Combine items 1+6; calculate EER / COP - compare to specs
    8) If above out of spec check total external static pressure across system or otherwise prove airflow
    9) If necessary (and ONLY if necessary) check refrigerant pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling
  7. moey

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    If you electricity is broken down by day ( ours is by hour ) you can make a few gross estimates that it was 25F outside and I used XKW. Remember the number and see how your doing next year.

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