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Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Applications' started by mtrentw, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Closing in on some design options. Will be sitting down with designer next week to review loading and numbers more. I am replacing a 3.5 ton and 1.5 ton HVAC units. All the heat is currently done through oil boiler via hot water coils in the supply ductwork. Figure this is in the 165-175* delivery range.

    Looking to go with one water-to-water unit and hydronic storage and transport for cooling/heating. Anyone with experience (positive/negative) they've had with replacing oil boiler with geo at lower water temperatures.

    Attached drawing shows a rough concept.


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    It really depends on your load and if yductwork is designed with enough flow in mind.

    You might need to replace the coil with one which is more efficient and is rated at 104-110 degrees F supply water temperature. Not a big deal, we use them all the time for the application yard describing.
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    I'll close on the house Monday and expect M. Custis here Wednesday to look at it with me. House was set up for 1.5 ton and 3.5 ton heat pumps, so hope the ductwork is supportive of that much. In any case, it'll be new fan units with A-coils so we will have the sizing opportunity on that purchase. Since they have coils already in place in ductwork, hope to get some utility out of them if they can be incorporated as an augment to heating?
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    Thanks for the backup. We will know more next week.


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