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    I checked it out, with your rediculously low fuel rate 88 cents a therm. You are still saving money with the Geo. Out here on the East Coast we are paying almost double that rate. Your bill would be about $150-300 more per year w/ NG from what I figured out.
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    Thanks Bob, that is reassuring. Just looked at my bill and the NG rate with distribution fees comes out to $1.06 per Therm, so my saving are even greater than what you came up with.

    I am on Time of Day for electric, so rate varies from .194 for on peak to .054 off peak, so I am averaging .0873/Kwh for juice.
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    Geo is 400%...

    ....The best one can do with fossil fuel is about 95%.

    If your delivery system is radiant floors, I want to know your control strategies. In a high mass concrete slab I start loading the slab early in fall. The concrete makes a great heat sink. It does take time for a geo system to load the floor. Once "loaded" the concrete will allow a low mass, fast, "gypcrete floor" to use that stored heat while the geo/HP idles to the heat sink.

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