loop pump wiring on Tranquility 27 ECM

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by morecode, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. morecode

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    Can anyone confirm the wiring terminals for the loop pumps on a new Climatemaster TT 072 (6 ton Water to Air - ECM)?

    It has the main contactor switch, with the L1, L2 for the main, but the wiring diagram isn't very clear on where the loop pumps hook up.

    I'm running two 26-99 in a QT flow center (or will be if I can get power to them).

    I see a second wiring block to the left of the HWP wiring block (it's pump is pre-wired ready to go with the change of a dip switch to activate), but I just want to confirm that is it.

    It only has one line connector, yet the pumps are 230.

    Sure would be great if someone has intimate knowledge of this wiring setup.
  2. Palace GeoThermal

    Palace GeoThermal Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    for a last resort, you can wire the pumps into T1 T2 , ( opposite the contactor from L1 L2 )
  3. morecode

    morecode New Member

    thanks for confirming T1 T2

    Thanks for confirming, but why did you say "as a last resort?" Would you recommend a different way?

    I traced the wiring diagram and T1 & T2 is what it indicates, but I was concerned about hooking both pumps in series to supply power to both. Together they will draw 2.14a which is within the 3a max of T1 & T2 so I guess they designed it this way.

    Guess this is so simple they felt no explaination is necessary.

    Thanks for the assist.
  4. ACES-Energy

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    When looking at the main contactor switch for your incoming 220V, look where it there is a small lug for the equipment ground on the base of the unit. There will be two more small lugs for 220v and a ground for your QT flow center, probably only an inch or two away from the main power.
  5. morecode

    morecode New Member

    thanks.... problem solved.

    Thanks for the assist.

    I see the smaller T1 & T2 terminals now near the equipment ground connections.

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