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    My 20 yr old geo died in March. I have decided to replace instead of repair. I checked my loop pressure yesterday and it was down to zero to a couple lbs psi. I goosed it back up to 30psi , took very little water, maybe a cup. Its down to 20 today.
    My loop pressure has always fluctuated some where it might need just a little boost to get it back to 30 in the summer. I normally haven't ran it a lot in the winter since I burn wood when it gets really cold.
    I was always told that in the colder months the loop hose would contract some in the cold and the pressure would go up and opposite in the summer. Last winter I ran it more and the loop pressure got up to around 60 and I relieved some of the water to get it back down to 40, I probably shouldn't have done that. Maybe that is why it got down to zero this summer?
    I hate to pull the trigger on a new unit only to find out I have a loop problem.
    Is there a way to test or should I wait and see if the pressure continues to fall for another week or so?
    Is it normal for the pressure to fluctuate like that?
    The unit I was going for is going to take 6 weeks to get so I need to make a decision soon before the cooler weather gets here.
    Thanks for any info.
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    There are established protocol for pressure testing.

    Google HDPE hydrostatic pressure testing.
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    You might also want to consider a non pressurized flow center to install with your new heat pump. If you have a leak, it seems like a very small leak. But loosing some pressure after pressurizing the loop is not unheard of, since the pressure will expand the loop slightly.

    A NP flow center will put minimal pressure on the loop, thus leaking less. And give you access to the fluid, so you might top of a few ounces if needed.

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