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    Ok, so I changed the TC to .8 and Diff. to .6 , then the depth to 6, I also lowered the EWT to 32 and it gave me a Trench length of 300, pipe length of 600' , Found some rolls on Ebay of 600'
    Geothermal Slinky HDPE Pipe 3 4 x 600' Rolls DR11 Ground Source Loop Pipe | eBay
    I still need to call around to local places to see what they have for pipe length... Anyone know where to buy near Cincinnati?
    I like the racetrack because there is no couplings in the field, no u bends, and the ease of installation, don't worry I am not digging out the dirt in between the trenches for no reason lol
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    OK, a local company sells 600' rolls for 148.99 so that should be no problem. They also rent fusion tools, flush cart for $75 a day each
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    Can someone explain the difference to me between the TE 38 and TE 49? Is this just the size of the loop pump? From what I can tell the 38 should satisfy the loop with 9gpm but it only satisfies 86.9% of my heat load for some reason... The TE 49 satisfies 109.6% but would require 100' more pipe to each loop...
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    Since you are just plugging in numbers, maybe you should change the TC to 1.5 then you will save even more.:rolleyes:
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    I put .8 because that is what someone recommended, and I found out it is most common
    32* because default was 30 and I was told 34 so split the difference
    What would you recommend and do you have any answers on the previous questions
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    It seems to me that you might be in over your head here. The difference is a full ton of heat pump capacity.

    Our goal as pros here is not be in the internet design business. We want every one to have a well designed and properly functioning system.

    I am not trying to rude or condescending, but is seems like you have a lot to learn before you can design and install a system.

    You might try taking some courses here Welcome to HeatSpring Learning Institute
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    I am over my head hence the questions. I took the igshpa installers class, but i know little about hvac. My confusion was in the different models and some of the info I was reading off their website. Thanks for posting the link, I will be sure to check those out in the near future, but for now I am asking questions. Since loop link doesn't have my correct model I plugged the same numbers into geodesigner with the TE30 (99%) would be a 300' 6 pipe trench (two layers of three). I would prefer to just do a 3 pipe racetrack of 600' (not an option for geodesigner) would that be overkill? 500?
    Im just trying to make sure I put in the appropriate amount of pipe in the ground if you don't want to reply then don't.
  8. Mark Custis

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    Do Not get on Dewayne, he just designed your loop field. I was hinting at the job, as I could do boots on the ground and see my grandsons, but Dewayne nailed it.

    Some of us get certain things and others get other things. I came to Earth hard wired for moving BTUH and electricity, and was blessed with now age warn auto mechanic's hands. I can think it and then build it. Though we have only met here I am sure Dewayne is the same. He may be a better business man or has a crazy banker as I have watched him grow into his drilling efforts, while I try to ease into consultations and on job work with younger hands, (shoulders, feet, ankles, hips, and knees. other things still work.).

    Stephanie bought Fiddler on the Roof, on Amazon, the other night and I have watched it 3 times since. The music is GRAND, but I look at the aging involved as a lesson for myself. I keep trying to get the math and the mechanics. I share this because I spent 40 plus years learning what I know. I could give you a plan to do your project, but I can not do it for free.

    If I tell you what to do for free and you sue me I will no longer have liability insurance after your lawyers take their 33%, you get some cash, and you still do not have a system that works.

    The internet maybe free, but real engineering is not. We have spoken by phone before. Why not find out what boots on the ground cost?

    We here tend to help DIY folks. Try some other sites and see what they tell you. The group here is dedicated to pushing geothermal heat transfers, nothing more.

    Calm down and we will continue to help you.


    300' X 3 loops will do that house. Thanks for the input.

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    Im just asking for suggestions, I couldn't afford a lawyer anywho... haha... , I am not sure what you mean that he designed my loop field, or the 300' x3 loops will do that house, but I do appreciate the fact that you both have taken time to respond to my questions. I am not doing this all by myself, but eventually I might and I am trying to learn all that I can now...
    So Is there anything wrong with using geodesigner instead of looplink, it is easier to use.
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    You owe DeWayne and Mark bigtime for timely leading you out of the wilderness of piss-poor design choices free of charge. You probably have no idea of the value of the advice you received. Cherish it dearly.

    These pages are fraught with tales of woefully designed and / or executed systems installed at huge expense. If you took the advice freely given here, you dodged a slew of bullets.

    Peace and go well.
  11. JC115

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    I am grateful for those taking time to respond, seems as though I have hurt feelings and have overstayed my welcome here so I will stop with the questions.
  12. AMI Contracting

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    "So Is there anything wrong with using geodesigner instead of looplink, it is easier to use."

    • The short answer is no. The next caution is "gigo". Most of this info is not simply massaged in a given direction without compromising your results. For example, designing for 32* vs 30* has little benefit vs cost.......yes even though you are doing it yourself.
      You will have much time and money into this and find it cheaper to top load design expense vs back load repair expense.

      You have not "hurt feelings here" people are gently suggesting that your limited education is not yet up to the task of even asking the right questions.
      Good Luck,
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    That is when you usually know enough to be dangerous.

    If you are running out 3 pipes, how are those 3 pipes coming back to be connected to the heatpump/flowcenter?

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