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  1. Calladrilling

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    Hello guys,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve been here.
    I have a question for the loop designers here.
    I am working on a very large residential loop field. For the sake of keeping it simple here is short break down of the field.
    (19 tons)
    Drilled through 2 aquifers and the rest is mainly wet sands and silts.
    14 total loops
    1.25” loops
    300’ bores
    .40 standard bentonite from the bottom up.
    7 loops per circuit in RR headers with 2” mains running to The house.
    Here is my question. I am drilling the final loops today and the new larger pool now wants to be heated with geo too. The pool was never factored into this design and I want to know how it will effect my current design?
    For a quick reference, I’m being told the pool is approx going to need 18-20 tons of equipment.
    It’s a NEw Jersey home, so the pool will only be used from June-Sept in most cases.
  2. docjenser

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    My pool 38x18 pool uses supplemental heat May-October, and I use a 6 ton air sourced pool heat pump, since the air is warmer than the ground in May, and I do not want to deplete the heat in the ground in October at the start of the heating season. Might be much cheaper and more efficient.

    If you want to use geo for the pool, it all depends on the loads. What are the design loads for the house? Size and depth of the pool?
  3. Josh Hicks

    Josh Hicks New Member

    Are they just heating it in the summer? Or is this an indoor/ winter application?

    If it’s outdoor, tie it into a HWG system possibility and there would be little to no load on the system.

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