Manitoba Loop Design and Geo DIY possibilities

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  1. Jolt

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    I like the idea of going deeper than 6', but how much deeper? A lot will depend on the excavating equipment I can gain access to, or spend to hire. I have granite rock down below, not too far (another point to gather data about) but certainly close enough to know that vertical loops would be very expensive.
    The frost depth varies from year to year. Without have precise data, I think it depends as much on snow cover as it does on air temperatures. Some type of 'dance' between the two. We generally use 6' as a limiting depth, but the frost does not go that deep every year.
    With the low soil temperatures we have even in summer, topping out at about 50F, the thought of using a passive cooling/active heating GSHP seems very plausible. That is, just circulating ground loop water through a coil in the airflow; no compressor running,no reversing valve required. They seem to make passive cooling systems in Europe and Quebec, but I cannot seem to find a source available to me. Anybody know of one? Or should this go in a different thread?
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    Not where he lives....
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    In the Winnipeg area, deep ground temperatures are 42F, or around 6C.

    I suggest that you don't mess around with reinventing the wheel, get a straight forward geo system doing your A/C in the summer. You don't have many cooling days.

    Resilience and simplicity is key in remote areas.
  4. Jolt

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    I guess I was thinking the passive cooling might be the simple and reliable version. The freon cycle in that configuration would be a one-function system; no reversing valve and only one expansion valve. Or are most systems these days using a simple capillarity tube, not two thermostatic expansion valves with by-pass check valves? And my understanding is the reversing valve/solenoid has a spring return to 'cooling' position each time the system stops. It would then need to be activated to 'heating' position on most starts, in my area. A lot of unnecessary motions, possibly contributing to wear and failure. And I expect my modest cooling needs would be met with simple circulation of the ground loop water in the air stream.
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    Well...I guess I have nothing left but to wish you good luck with your project!
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    Thanks, Doc! While I still have some data to collect and decisions to make; your input has certainly helped clarify the ground loop design process.
    As a DIY project, I will need to pick a vendor and brand of equipment for the GSHP unit. Locally, as a DIY, I can buy Geocool equipment (from either of 2 vendors) and nothing else. Nothing I have found to date, anyway. To get something like Climatemaster I would probably end up traveling to pick it up. Either just across the border or to the vendor themselves. The trip to the vendor would be a very long drive, while shipping to a US destination close to the border has its own issues. Any equipment shipping or warranty items would be a challenge.
    What kind of track record does Geocool equipment have? Having a local presence gives them the inside track, but do they make good equipment?
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    Hi my name is Ken and I just started my Geo x Jan 13th . I also DIY .. Just south of St Malo.I took 2 courses from the Geo exchange in 2008 that is how long I have been planning this, but the cost of material alone kept me from starting. I can sure give you some pointers about how to avoid mistakes like I made..

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