Looking to save some costs but not quite DIY

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    Our project in Gaylord came to be due to similar circumstances: client dissatisfaction with the local guys.
    We do not suggest you build yourself onto an island, we simply pointed out that you get more than man hours out of a hired contractor.
    We have a list of things to look for in a contractor stuck to the top of this category (shopper's checklist or whatever).
    If you are going to try to do it yourself I suggest you find the loop guy that does everybody else's loops in your area. Try the IGSHPA list of certified installer's. The well drillers or excavators are not in the appliance sales biz and don't mind helping you.

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    A loop guy. Talk about a specialized role...
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    This is exactly how I handle the DIY situations I come acrosss too. There is nothing wrong with DIY'ing a project, but just know your limits, know the all the possiblt outcomes, and risks involded.

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