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  1. cstone1983

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    Hello all,
    I have been doing alot of research and now I end up with a few questions and hoping you all could provide some insight as well as first hand accounts to help finalize my decision and convince my wife :)

    We are planning on building withn a year or so. We are located in Maine, just to add some context to some of these questions to follow.
    My plan thus far is to build an ICF house 2 stories with full finished basement. I plan to do geothermal with forced air (to allow for heating and cooling). I am thinking of a desuperheater with a reserve tank along with a propane on-demand heater (I plan to have propane for the stove as well as possibaly a propane generator eventally so I figure have the water heat on the same fuel system).
    One question is, I am ballparking that the house would require around a 4ton system (I have not done a manual J yet due to we havent finalized the layout and prints but ballparing the system size). I am hoping that by doing ICF and the effecienty of it that it will bump the system size needed to around 2ton (hoping). My quesiton is does anyone have experience with ICF and georthermal to confirm that ICF would allow for a smaller system due to the effeciency?

    Also I am looking for anyone in a cold climate to share any usage info for calculating cost of running a system. Would be around 2500sq/ft living space. What is a rough cost to opperate the geothermal for heating and is there a major difference for colling costs to run. Any data to back up the data would be great (kw per hr to run, amount of time per day it runs, etc) I will be installing an HRV or ERV but that would be a spereate calculation i'll add in later.

    Another thing would be the make/model of unit running. What are you using and how do you like it in cold climates, does it keep up? Reliable?

    Im sure I'll have more questions but these will get me started and I appreciate your info. Thanks
  2. Eric Kurtz

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    While our house is not quite the same, there are enough similarities that I decided to reply. We have 1400 sq ft modular on a full ICF basement (which is 1/3 exposed and all conditioned for nearly 2800 sq ft). We installed a 3T Q Energy water to air Geo heat pump. It has absolutely no problem keeping up. We probably could have got by with a 2.5 T. But the run times in first stage are good even in cooling. We run a wood stove during the coldest months so I don't have a good handle on cost with only Geo heat. Our monthly electric bill average is around $100-125 with all appliances electric. Around $100 in summer and $125 to 150 in winter. I would estimate that all Geo would probably raise max monthly bill to approx $200. That of course will vary depending on what your electric cost is. Hope this helps.
  3. cstone1983

    cstone1983 New Member

    Where do you live if I might ask

  4. Eric Kurtz

    Eric Kurtz Member

    NE Ohio.
  5. Timothy Fossa

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    Are you considering scw or closed loop? I have a 3T w/ 400’ scw for 1400sf house in southern Vermont and it works great for both house water and heat. What r value are your windows? Are you going with a standing seam metal roof? You should strongly consider a solar electric system as it works well with geo. Essentially a closed system. Battery backup is still a little pricey. If you do a scw, make sure you install an energy efficient water pump. Day to day water use is enough to keep the well temp stable. Good luck!

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