looking for geo installer in bellefontaine,oh for new build

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by HHarpel, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. HHarpel

    HHarpel New Member

    hi, Im looking for a well qualified geo installer for a new house build I will be building as soon as I sell my house in Bellefontaine, Oh. Any suggestions? Leaning towards Waterfurnace brand.
  2. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I might be interested.

  3. batman71

    batman71 New Member

    I just started up my Waterfurnace Series 5 open loop system. Installed by Danco out of Springfield. I am outside of Tipp City and would be glad to show you the installation. I would recommend that you consider Danco...give Allen there a call.
  4. Giving performance guaranteed ground loops and systemsics:
    I am interested. And I worked with over 30 contractors in Ohio as rep for two OEM's, if your interested.

    EER ahri raw data: 42.1 EER in low-med (most running hours) systems sales
    that your tinner can be assisted with to install as an "expert"
    also making hot water instantly and on demand with Variable compressor highest EER's ever:

    ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013: Geothermal Heat Pumps : ENERGY STAR

    shows ETL EnergyStar Rated (now top 4 variables)
    but all of those top 4 have received Ut'y co rebates and qualified Tax incentives equally as
    Energy Star COMPLIANCE without a 3rd party rating was officially and financially rewarded just a sany AHRI rating-
    I mention this if you need larger than 6 ton single variable compressor systems, since 7.ton -12 ton are available as Dual Compressor Energy Star compliant without the ETL listing. Dual compressors in those larger sizes are within 4% of the variable single Low-Medium most running hours anyway.

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