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    Some local utilities are offering rebates to customers who install renewable energy systems, such as a geothermal system. In New York state, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is offering a one thousand dollar rebate check to any of its customers who installs a geothermal system which meets certain reasonable efficiency standards.

    It would be worthwhile for anyone thinking about installing a geo system to check with their local utility to see if it offered any incentives. And, while they are at it to check with their town, county and state governments, too. My town used to offer help through a grant it had, but that money was used up by the time I put mine in :( Other people might be luckier.

    LIPA | Geothermal Power

    "LIPA’s rebate is based on the unit’s Energy Efficiency Ratio [EER] rating
    Geothermal units must be independently verified through the current Air Conditioning and Refrigeration [ARI] directory as performing to LIPA’s Efficiency standards."
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    You can also see these rebates through www.dsireusa.org. If you click on your state of residence you can see all federal, state, county, and utility rebates.
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