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    I am new to all of this. So please be patient with me. I am a new home owner. My house is a 1 story ranch style house with roughly 1014 square feet. I have window AC units and electric base board heating. We currently have no HVAC or duct work. I am looking to get some type of unit. Ideally I am wanting geothermal. I have 2 quotes from December of last year, and would like some input on if it sounds accurate. In addition I am wondering if the prices could have dropped since then. Both quotes called for a Water Furnace 2 ton unit. As I have read the unit doesnt matter as much as the contractor. One quote was for $21500 with a 275 foot vertical loop, The other was for $20000 with a 300 foot vertical loop. From what I have seen it looks like the well would be $1500 per 150 feet, which would about $3000. So that puts the install at around $17-18K. Is that too much or is the additional cost due to the lack of duct work? Both have also agreed to install a new hot water heater at no additional cost. Both quotes have since expired, and I plan on getting another with in the next few weeks since winter is fast approaching. Does anyone also have any input on how much it might increase the value of my home for any HVAC, geo or not?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Drilling a well might be $10/ft, but grouting and installing ground loops, DEQ permits, fusion and loop flushing make $20/foot more likely and that's for drilling mud. Depending on requirements, a duct system might be around $5,000 leaving ~$9,000 for heat pump, buffer tank, electrician, permits etc. Doesn't sound too far off.
    Duct systems are labor intensive and offer the contractor some wiggle room, but you won't get it between September and December. In a heating dominated climate, Feb and March are often when the winter slump hits. That's when someone might give you $1,000 off to keep the guys busy.

    Good luck,
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    The 2 quotes might not be equal

    The layman often assumes that two different quotes cover the same work only each at a different price. Geo is not a commodity and not all installers use the same design or do the same work. I would recommend you get references from each installer and understand their design and what is included in their quote. A good design and installation is worth far more to a home owner than a savings of a few thousand dollars. There are many great installers out there - who are worth paying for.

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    Where in VA are you?

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