Is this pump too big to flush my loops?

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    I have 1" inside diameter loop pipes running out to my pond and back, and I'm building a flush cart for them. I have this 1.5 HP Hayward pump with 1.5" intake/discharge in hand: link to product here.

    The docs say that I must use at least a 1.5" suction pipe, which I can do. However, since my loops are 1" I must reduce to that size on the discharge side of the pump. I understand that I would lose efficiency, which shouldn't matter in this application. What other problems could this cause?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you may share.
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    That isn't really the right way of looking at things. You need a flushing flowrate (2 ft/s air, 6ft/s dirt) for ground loop. Your pump is then sized based on that. A 1.5hp pump is fine for your purposes - 1" connections aside.

    Please note, it is possible to build an unpurgable ground loop.
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    I love that pithy 'oh by the way' you've tagged on there. <g>


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