is there quality education in geothermal?

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  1. Bob

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    Hi, like many others here, I am interested in getting into geothermal energy, and there is a course being offered by Heat Spring Energy for Installer Certification Training.Is this company for real? And what are the prospects of getting a job after, or becoming a subcontractor?

    I am in Maryland, and have lots of energy, skill in business and ambition, but I need some education to get me started. Any advice would be very welcome!

    Thanks, Bob
  2. Geothermal Training

    I don't know the company, but based on their website they appear to be a training company. The installer course they offer is advertised as the IGSHPA course which is legitimate. IGSHPA is the standards organization for geothermal and their instruction manuals cover the required concepts.
  3. Chuck

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    My partner and I have both attended classes through Heat Spring, they are real and do a very good job. I highly recommend them, they bring in good knowledgable instructors with experience and history in the industry.
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    Quality Education in US and Canada

    Note that the industry association for Canada, the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition or CGC, runs a national quality program (not only a training program) and therefore Canadian contractors have been checked for insurance, work experience, signed a code of conduct, etc.

    US courses and accreditations are not recognised in this more rigorous quality program.

    More at Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC) | Coalition Canadienne de l'Énergie Géothermique (CCÉG) There is a consumer advisory on the website (issued Aug 15th) and a USA section for American contractors who are starting to apply for accreditation here.

    Full disclosure: I work for the CGC, so take me with a grain of salt and do your own research please!
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    I would like to chat with you regarding the CGC and our program. I can be reached at 519-649-6149, or email at ""

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