Virginia Is it possible (normal) for the small copper to be cold vice warm or hot?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by tommytx, Jul 22, 2018.

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    I know you might say i have the thermostat wires switched and the switching valve is in the heat mode... Wrong its cooling but very ineffieiently .... just not used to ever seeing the hot line (small freon) cool or cold while big copper is sweating little or not at all....
    Freon levels are correct... this is a Bosch 2 ton split system.. checking the freon lines by touch at the air handler and at the compressor.. similar cool or cold small freon line vice warm or hot as i usually see.. especially when first started and a huge amount of moisture must be removed..
    Am i crazy or will someone say.. hey silly that is how it is on the water to air.... I don't think so the theory is the same... unless i missed something back in school..
  2. tommytx

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    Anyone have any thoughts or ideas... is it ever normal for the small copper line to be cool or at room temp or should it be at least warm any time heat is being pulled out of the house... I am used to seeing the large copper sweating like a big dog and cold while the small copper is usually quite warm or hot... in the cool mode of course and the opposite in the heat mode..

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