Is Geothermal only for cost effective and energy saving purposes?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by gomax, May 20, 2013.

  1. gomax

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    My contractor/builder recommended me the Geothermal system backed up with electric heat pump (new construction). I love the idea of energy saving and monthly cost saving. However, except for these benefits that everybody knows, does Geothermal have drawbacks other forced air HVAC have? like air draft, dryness and running noises, unbalanced heat etc.. How does it compare to radiators or hydro air in term of comfort.

    Thanks advance
  2. engineer

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    The devil is in the details. Seek references - most of your worries are mitigated with proper duct / hydronic design and have little to do with the type of system chosen. Dryness depends more on the building rather than the source of heat.
  3. sunnyflies

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    Geothermal is so far and away better than any other type of heating that there is no comaprison. My house is so comfortable since putting in geothermal. The most important factor is choosing your installer so that you get a well designed system. My hot air system is so quiet that when I first got it I actually climbed up on a bed with a kleenex to hold next to the duct to see if it was working. It was.

    There are no drafts and certainly no unbalanced heat. Its long running time sends warm air into every corner and crevice. Honestly, getting geothermal was the best investment I have ever made.
  4. AMI Contracting

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    IMHO most of the problems described are the result of poor workmanship by builders and mechanical contractors. The problem (again IMHO) is exacerbated by consumers who exhaust their budget on hardwoods and marble counters leaving their comfort to lowest bidder.
    regardless of type of heating/cooling system, you should have no worries if you shop for the best, not cheapest, installer.
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    If you live in a moderate climate,, especially mild winters (normal lows in the 30+ degree range) I'd give serious consideration to an air-to-air unit. These have seen significant improvements in efficiency, but are still not good at heating when the outside air is in the teens or lower.

    I don't have the prices in hand, but I'll guess you can buy a top of the one air-to-air unit for under $10K and a similar capacity geothermal would be twice that much with the ground loop, maybe three times that much. Get some bids.

    I am a geothermal owner of almost 20 years and I believe it was one of my best investments, I live in NJ which has about two months of heavy cooling needs and about 2 months of very cold winter weather.

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