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    We are the company. I am planning on hanging up my tool belt and electric meters next birthday so I am giving the company to my partner in life and business.

    Like most partnerships we have learned to feed off of each others strengths and weaknesses. I am sure it is WRONG to sleep with the book keeper, but we have been married for almost thirty years. Check with her on the happy part.

    We each look at parts of our jobs, keeping our customers comfortable differently, so when she signed in here, THANKS PHIL, I thought her viewpoint would add a dimension to our mutual work here. We will disagree, but you will see two views from Sheffield Lake, Ohio, the wind mill capital of Lorain County, Ohio.

    The HVAC business is hard on the body. I do not need practice on my hands and knees attaching pex to rebar, or handling 48" Ridge tool wrenches, all of mine are now gray and the red ones are for sale. I should have listened to my Mom and become an engineer, but then I might not know how to fix stuff.

    I doubt many here remember George Bernard Shaw, (google him) he once said those that can, do. Those that can not, teach. I attempting to do both.

    Stephanie teaches me stuff every day. Give her a chance, she will not dissapoint you.
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    Hats off to Stephanie!


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    The company is in good hands.



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