Installing Horizontal loops; comparing methods

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    A client is planning a new No. Calif. residence of about 3800 ft^2, and also an indoor pool. It will have both GSHP and direct solar. This will be his second GSHP house.

    Our initial guess [for power planning] was a pair of 5 ton units; that's likely oversize.

    He was planning on using vertical loops, but it appears Santa Cruz has imposed a new tax on geowells. So given he has 10 acres of bare meadow AND a Fiat-Allis HD11 dozer and backhoe and road grader available nearby, and can borrow a DitchWitch; we're now talking about horizontal loops. [I suggested "Why not just buy a drill rig too?" but he paused at that suggestion....]

    So we're thinking of paying for both H & V designs to compare.

    There are two obvious horizontal construction approaches: dig trenches, drop in pipe, backfill. Or: use the dozer and move a LOT of dirt, lay pipe, and plow it all back; move to next section.

    I wonder who has actually used the latter? I'm thinking we are talking removing 4+ feet of dirt, then replacing it. I assume we'll need something lighter to do the restoral without damaging the loops.

    Plan B would be fix the backhoe and use it. I don't think the DitchWitch can get deep enough.

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    We did one job like this. You can see photos here

    We will probably never do another. It was just too much dirt to move.

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