Installer in SE PA?

Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Testimonials' started by ACES-Energy, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Had a lead from two years ago when we were working more in the PA area that has emailed me a few times and is re-interested in geothermal.

    We no longer service this area, so I am looking for a fellow member I can pass this lead to.

    Let me know

  2. engineer

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    paging Looby...
  3. Looby

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    I can give an enthusiastic recommendation for Sinton A/C & Heating
    in Kennett Square, PA -- very professional, no nonsense, first class
    workmanship, and comprehensive system-performance guarantees.

    They're a full-service HVAC contractor, but specialize heavily in geo:
    IGSHPA accredited, GEOEXCHANGE listed, WaterFurnace GeoPro.

    Also see for numerous customer testimonials.

    Full disclosure: I have no connection with Sinton A/C & Heating except
    as a very satisfied customer.

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