Installation cost of a vertical closed loop GSHP

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    I am developing a project about installing a vertical closed loop GSHP in a institutional building in Southampton, England. I have used Ret Screen database to chose a GSHP that meets the energy demand of my building, and also to design the size of the heat pump.

    Currently, I am doing the costs analysis but I cannot find any data about the cost for the installation of a vertical GSHP.

    I know the quantity I need, but I don't know the cost unit of every element of the heat pump:

    Circulating pump
    Circulating fluid
    Drilling & grouting
    Loop pipe
    Fittings & valves

    Could anyone provide these data?

    Thank you.
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    I'm not sure how it translates into shilling, farthings and pounds, but the bulk of the cost here in the colonies is in the drilling.

    Put very simply, drilling costs thousands thus overshadowing the rest of the items you list which cost mere hundreds.

    Sorry I can't be more specific, but costs vary by zipcode and town, never mind countries and oceans.
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    As engineer stated, drilling costs are the wild card in a geo budget.

    Prices vary from $5 per drilled foot to $30 per drilled foot.

    You will need to find a driller in your area to give you an idea of what drilling costs there.
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    If my experience can be considered typical I paid $26,000 for a fully commissioned 4-ton (14 kW) system using an Waterfurnace Envision (dual stage) NDV049 with a dual-pump flow center. I have two wells, each 100m deep. I was not following the break-out details too closely, but the wells were about half the cost ($13,000) the mechanical components were several thousand (guessing $6000) and the balance was profit and money for the excavation work necessary to get the wells connected and brought into the house. Post-installation landscaping was extra as was the work to repair the damage to the asphalt caused by all the heavy equipment - the driveway need re-doing anyway. This assumes that the existing duct work can be re-used.
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