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Discussion in 'Tax Credits, Rebates and Incentives' started by dvroblesky, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. dvroblesky

    dvroblesky New Member

    Does anyone know if a developer installing geoexchange can get any rebates or incentives?
  2. ClarkT

    ClarkT Member

    In Utah, the general contractor can get a possible $2,000 state tax credit. But I don't know of any federal.
  3. SoundGT

    SoundGT New Member


    Yes they can. There are federal incentives that are quite significant if the project qualifies. Many states have insentives as well. Go to the website DSIRE: DSIRE Home and you can pick up quite a bit of information.
  4. SoundGT

    SoundGT New Member


    I just noticed that the web site dis not come through on the posting. Google: dsireusa and the site will come up.

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