Virginia Impact of raising geo single unit above floor with sheet metal.

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    Aside from possible vibration and noise is there any other reasons that raising the unit above the floor 8 inches with sheet metal to make the hole match better a problem..

    I originally had a 3 ton Trane installed and it was switched to a Bosch a few months later and during install it was noted that the hole in the floor was not an exact match instead of repairing and cutting a new hole in the floor they elected to build a sheet metal rectangular box between the unit and the floor to make sure it was all a match...
    So now the unit sits above the floor about 8-10 inches vice directly on the floor with a rubber vibration pad. It seems reasonably quiet, but wonder if that affects warranty or is there any other reason anyone could think of that the old hole was not closed and repaired and a new one cut..

    One problem i have noticed under the house is the metal not being insulated inside or outside is allowing condensate to form on the outside and is running onto my wooden floor under the house.. So far i am the only only one to see this and i assume other homeowners would have to wait a year or two for the termites to come and you would be notified by the annual termite inspector that you have water damage...and possible WDI wood destroying insects all over..

    I can have them remove the unit and thoroughly insulate the metal box but am having second thoughts about demanding a floor repair and a new hole cut. Since the reason for the switch of the Trane to a Bosch was due to incompetence of the installer. So any mismatched holes is the fault of the installer.

    Any thoughts on the best way to approach this.. my main concern is getting the water damage stopped before its too late but am wondering if just insulating and letting it go is the best option.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated..

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