I am doing a DIY system install

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  1. SolarPower

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    Thanks for the advice.

    No fusion joints here. All loops will come into the crawl space 300’ out and 300’ back no joints at all underground.

    Manifold is in the crawl space. The crawl space is a little over 3’ high.
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  2. nc73

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    Be careful when back filling. I had a kinked pipe once and rendered the loop useless so I had to add another.
  3. SolarPower

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    I have two loops in the trench all staked up and ready to go on the manifold. They came finished digging the other trench.

    Tomorrow I will put the other two loops in the trench.

    To pressure the loops should I use air pressure?

    If I fill it with water the loop staked to the side would maybe fall from the weight.

    The other two loops should go quicker I have system now.
  4. nc73

    nc73 Member

    backfill and test with water/antifreeze. It's iffy doing it with just air since air can expand and contract. If testing with air you're meant to wait 24 hours.
  5. SolarPower

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    I have all my loops run. I have about 200 foot covered back up 2’ – 3’. The mini Ex went home today.

    This is what I looked like after running two loops. :)

  6. SolarPower

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    I have read that loops like moisture. Will my loops should be very happy.

    We have had a big storm some snow and lots of rain.

    The trench was dug about 30’ to long. I was trying to beat the weather and just cover the loops.

    I did not fill it in where it was to long just where the my loop lines were.

    The top of the trench is 6’ deep with no dirt filled in I put a blue line in the picture so you can tell where there is 6' deep water.

    The pictures are the same trench. crazy how much water is in that trench.

  7. SolarPower

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    My Geothermal package unit was damaged in shipping.
    The only in stock unit has the Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger.

    I have a closed loop system is there a disadvantage to get this one for closed loop other than cost?
  8. ChrisJ

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    I have the cupro-nickel HE with the closed loop, can't hurt.
  9. nc73

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    Are they going to charge you more for the cupro? If not, even better.
  10. SolarPower

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    Nick at Terra Source has been great to deal with. The customer service has been excellent.

    He has me a new Unit coming on the truck now.

    I always say any company can take your money for a sale but when there are bumps in the road it is how they handle it is important.

    I could not ask for better service.
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