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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by JayBird, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. JayBird

    JayBird New Member

    Checking to see if anyone that has a HYDROTEMP 4 ton unit have had the issues that I have. I have a 4 ton unit. Under warranty I have had 3 compressor, 2 dryers, 2 expansion valves, 4 V star drives, and 3 circuit boards in the unit. I had a leak repaired on the freon line. The direct hot water overamps and does not work. Hydrotemp sent a factory technician down to replace the compressor, dryer and expansion valve the last time it was done under warranty. This was all under warranty. Now the unit is 18 months old the expansion valve has been replaced two more times ( in a two day period). The last time there as some sort of debris found in the valve. Hydrotemp's technical support does offer help over the phone but Hydrotemp has not found a solution to why their unit will not work. When the unit works (temporarily) it does an excellent job but breaks down constantly. Now the unit will now not cool my home properly. I could run the temp donw into the 60s now I can only get it to about 76-77 degrees. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? It is HOT in Texas!
  2. Palace GeoThermal

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    Welcome and good luck!!
  3. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    Sorry to hear of all those problems.

    I have an older dual compressor unit. Not the v-star variable compressor.

    At only 18 months old I would want a replacement unit.

  4. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    "The direct hot water overamps and does not work."

    Not sure what you mean, can you elaborate?

    Does the installer use a palm pilot to make adjustments?

    In cooling the Hydro-Temp units circulate domestic hot water instead of the ground loop, until the set temp is reached. Since I have disabled my direct hot water by turning off what is called "Desuperheater during cooling" option, my Leaving Air Temp is lower and cools the house better.

    Also last summer it did not cool well because it was low on refrigerant, you may still be leaking somewhere.

    I have given up on my Hydro-Temp unit after 5 1/2 years, I have had much less replacement work then you have, yet I don't want to keep throwing money at it.

  5. JayBird

    JayBird New Member

    When first installed the unit would trip the breaker. Found out it was the DHW. My unit has a switch on it that I just turned off. I have bought my own gauges to check pressures because I am on the phone so much with Hydro-Temp and they always asked for the pressure, so the refrigerant levels are good. My concern now is the debris found inside the expansion valve. I am wondering if the system has debris floating around cloggging different components.

    Chris, what did you replace the unit with. I am at the point of replacing the unit soon. I have the wells but am probable going with a conventional unit.

    I am trying to work with Hydro-Temp on a solution but in my opinion will probable be replacing the unit within a month.
  6. JayBird

    JayBird New Member

    Chris, I asked for a replacement and was told by Hydro-Temp that they do not replace units, this was when the unit was on its second compressor and needing a third unit.
  7. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    I am still using the HT unit, I am working on a plan to replace it in the fall. I am in New England so heating dominated. Air heat on the main floor, radiant heat in basement and drive under garage. The Hydro-Temp unit did both so I have 3 options, get a Waterfurnace Synergy 3D combination unit, get a water to water unit and put a hot/cold water coil in the HT chassis (not my favorite choice), or get 2 units, one water to air and one water to water.

    Since I am having to bite the bullet and start over, I am thinking to do the third option, using the most efficient pumps and heat pumps.

    In Texas you must be cooling dominated so you could go conventional and still heat without much electric resistance heating. Just such a waste having the wells in the ground that I am sure you paid a lot for.

    I did think about replacing my dual compressor unit with the new V-Star unit. It would be easiest plumbing wise but not going to do it, especially after hearing your troubles.

  8. JayBird

    JayBird New Member

    In dealing with Hydro-Temp what response have you gotten? Technical Support is good but when talking about a replacement I was told Mike does not replace any units. I am going to try to get with him direct but have had no luck.
  9. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    I have mostly let my installer deal with HT.
  10. Ceyko

    Ceyko New Member

    I was wondering if you were able to manage a repair or resolution to your problem. I'm in TX, with a Hydro-Temp 4 ton unit as well. I am not the original owner of the house, but they also had issues with the compressor...etc...etc. My HVAC company is trying to resolve it but are not having much luck and sometimes have issues with response times with HT. Any way, I'm currently on my 2nd year in the same boat. It's 78 in my home and that's about the best I'll get. I used to get it to 68 easily, but that 78 comes at running 24x7. What is odd is my electric bill is about 60 dollars cheaper than it was during the winter time when the unit did not really run all that much.

  11. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    I would love to know what the end result was... JayBird has not been back since 8-10-15

    Do you have the V-Star or dual compressor model.

    I know with the on demand Domestic Hot Water function in cooling mode the loop pump is off and the DHW is circulating hot water as the source for the heat pump.

    When my unit won't cool it's low on refrigerant.

  12. Ceyko

    Ceyko New Member

    Understand that I'm fairly ignorant on these Geothermal/HVAC issues. The original owner of mine is very helpful, it is a 15 y/o unit and was original a dual compressor model. He had a compressor go out and HT converted it to a single 4 ton. I am not familiar with what the V-Star unit is to be honest, but I assume I don't have that one based off age and history.

    It may just be time to replace it, but we've put a good bit of cash into keeping it running but so far unsuccessful as to why it's currently not cooling well. I know my HVAC company does check the R22 levels and as far as I know at this point it is good.
  13. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    Sure I understand.

    I am replacing mine after 7 years so after 15 I would definitely replace it if I were you. Do it this year and still get the 30% tax credit.

  14. Mark Cearlock

    Mark Cearlock New Member

  15. Georesolutionquest

    Georesolutionquest New Member

    We are having nothing but problems with our new Hydrotemp 6 ton vstar unit as well. Can't get it going longer than a week. Getting the usual run around. Wait for parts, wrong part, part bad, should be working with dealer, etc. This company doesn't know how to make there units work. Eventually they stop returning calls or disconnect the call when you do get through. They offered to send a tech out for $1500 a day plus fees, mind you this is a BRAND NEW UNIT. I filed a complaint with BBB today.
  16. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    I'm sorry to hear about your issues. My HT unit is still sitting in my basement broken,

    Did you buy direct from HT?

    Maybe talk to your state Attorney General or Arkansas AG.
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