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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by perimeter, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I had a Hydron Module installed approximately 2 years ago. It has only been serviced by the dealer once in that amount of time and that was just to drain water and junk out that had accumulated in the condensate pan. For the past three months my electric bill has been nearly double what is was the same months last year despite no changes in living habits, or anything new in the house that could have contributed to the rise. I'm afraid that my Hydron Module is not performing adequately. I keep the house heated only to 63 degrees (lower than one year ago during the same months) and the unit runs very frequently. The air that it is putting out is only slightly warm at best. This is not the kind of performance I expect out of this supposedly energy efficient unit. Is there any regular maintenance that was neglected that could have caused this dramatic increase in electricity usage? I have already contacted a different dealer to come up and service the unit, I am just curious if there is anything I can do in the mean time. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Electric heat running? Sent my tech to a job today for house not making temp and high electric bills, 3 year old climatemater unit.

    Dis-engaged electric heat and the compressor would only make a 10 degree rise. Performed usual checks and pointed to a bad TXV...scheduled to replace on Thursday....

    But could be anything that would cause electric heat to possibly run, as simple as a thermostat setting...
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    How could I check if the electric heat was running? That didn't even occur to me, but it seems like a possibility. I just ran the unit for an hour straight and checked the electric meter before and after 11kW were used during that hour. I now turned the power off the the unit and the house has drawn only one kWH in over 2 hours. That means just the Hydron Module used nearly the entire 11kW in one hour. With my limited knowledge of electricity, that seems like the kind of draw that running electric heat would cause.
  4. ACES-Energy

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    Is your compressor running? Usually you can hear the compressor running when standing next to the unit and/or when electric heat is engaged, the fan motor speeds up. A typical 10kw heater running on all 4 banks of e-heat will consume just under 10kwh in a one hour period. Factor in the added consumption for the fan motor, loop pumps, in-accuracy of electric meter, house plug load, etc...you might be running on all e-heat....

    It is high voltage, single phase, 240 volt power supply and best left for a trained GEOTHERMAL technician...
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    Thank you. Part of the problem was a setting in my thermostat. I changed that last night and it seemed to be working without the electric heat, but I am having a technician come out and look at it to make sure. Thanks again for your help in diagnosing the problem.

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