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    It has been about 4 years since I installed my Hydron Module system and I am posting about my experience with the design and install at the request of another member on this forum. My story is unique in that I had the system engineered for me and then I installed the unit myself. I am not a HVAC contractor but am an engineer for military vehicles so I am pretty comfortable with system integrations and hands on stuff. I also worked on a framing crew for several summers so I have a basic idea of residential construction.

    I have a 10 year old home (2000 sq ft) in Southeastern MA in a very windy spot. it so windy here that when it snows, it snows horizontally and not vertically. We installed the Hydron Module 4 years ago. After the heat load calculations, we went with the 4 ton unit which was slightly oversized. it was recommended to us by our designer who was a distributor for Hydron and CM. He knew I wanted the best, most rugged, best performing system and as such, that is what he told us to go with. The Hydron is the only unit that I know of that has a 100% stainless steel cabinet which gives it a degree of ruggedness and durability.

    As fate would have it, we had a 250 ft well that was barely meeting our needs and we decided to use it as a "dump" well and then drilled a new well to 450 ft. the new well was fracked and we ended up with 3 times the flow of water than what we needed, but hey, extra is not a bad thing. the entire system was designed based on the 2 well system that would pump and dump or simply recirculate, depending on well conditions and outside temperatures.

    The system was designed by the engineer in NH and he submitted all of the drawings to us. I installed the system and did all of the plumbing myself. It is dual stage compressor with desuperheater installed running into 2 hot water tanks. Prior to start up, he visited the site, ensured proper installation and he fired the system up himself. All went well and the system was up and running within 4 hours after he arrived.

    When the winds are blowing and the temperature is 10 degrees on a cold winter day the unit keeps the house warm continually without ever needing Stage 2. It is rare the system ever goes into stage 2. When it does, the T-stats shut the unit off within 5 minutes of running stage 2. During the summer, I could hug this unit I love the AC so much !!! (I work in a building where ovens are going constantly during the summer so coming home to an AC house is outstanding ! )

    Tech support was lacking but now that Hydron was bought out, the tech support is much improved. When we installed the unit, we had 2 zones and wanted to continue zoning, but Hydron tech support actually thought we had 2 heads when we asked them to help us with the zoning set up. Thankfully, we worked around that issue with help from Honeywell, but I have to be honest, that was a huge surprise and disappointment to me when they did not have a way to zone the system.

    For anyone thinking of a Hydron Module, GET IT !! You will definitely be happy with it....as long as you get the right designer/installer. In my case, I had a great designer. I saved a ton of money by doing it myself and thankfully, I have no horror stories to report like others have.

    My only complaint is the price of electricity here in MA...... .18 cents KWH !!!!. this price makes the unit look like it is expensive to run, but over a 12 month time period, we are saving money as compared to the price of oil and electric water heater.
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    Thanks for sharing your esperience.

    It is good to hear from someone who had gret success doing their own contracting/installation and met with co-operation from the trade.

    Can you tell me who bought out Hydron?

    Thanks again for the encouragement.:)

    Lloyd (PJSSAILOR)
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    Hydron Module was bought by Enertech Mfg. They produce Hydron, Tetco and GeoComfort Ground Source Heat Pumps.

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    I grew up on Cape Ann (Northeast Mass)

    My mom is still up there - power is pricey and oil even more so.
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    I read your response and what you did is exactly what I want to do at my property in VT.

    I live in Lynn, MA

    I have already drilled the well in VT. 170 gpm at 520 ft.

    A take-off was done by water energy in NH - I need about a 6-ton unit.

    I want to go with a Hydron unit that can do both air and radiant

    Any help you can give me, designers, where to purchase equipment, etc.



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