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    After purchasing a house in New Hampshire with a 20-year-old ClimateMaster, and seeing issues with the plumbing, we were advised by the local distributor, Nick Orio of Water Energy (operating as that it was time to replace the unit. Nick recommended that we contact a local plumbing and heating company, Lake Sunapee Plumbing and Heating, Newport, NH. The owner, Randy Willey, gave us an estimate of $14,650 to replace the existing unit with a Hydron HYT072A11MTINSS-6 water-to-air geothermal 5 ton heat pump. I have paid the amount in full since I wanted to claim the federal tax rebate for 2019. However, from the moment it was installed in May 2019, the unit has exhibited a loud resonant vibration that can be felt throughout the house.

    I have tried repeatedly to get support from Water Energy and also from the manufacture, Enertech Global. Water Energy sent a rep, who happened to be in the area, to my house in August while I was on vacation and could not be contacted --- after I had informed both Water Energy and Lake Sunapee Plumbing and Heating by e-mail that I would not be available during those dates. There has been an ongoing argument between them as to who should pay for the followup visit. I have even offered to pay for the consultation, but still to no avail.

    I have also been in touch with EnerTech Global to see whether they could send a different area rep to diagnose the system. The answer is "no". I have tried to file a warranty claim but was told that, as a consumer, I could not since a warranty claim must be filed by the installer! I have sent photos of the installation to Casey Thiems, Customer Relations Representative-Inside Sales, at EnerTech, but have not had any concrete response. I have written a formal letter of complaint to both Lake Sunapee Plumbing and Heating, copying Water Energy, but this went nowhere. Repeat e-mails and phone calls to the owner of Lake Sunapee Plumbing and Heating elicit the same response: he is getting nowhere with either Water Energy or EnerTech. It is clear that they just want me to go away.

    I have currently engaged the services of a lawyer, who has advised me to get an assessment from an independent geothermal expert (at my own expense). This will be used to inform our legal approach moving forward.

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