Hydro-Temp vs. WaterFurnace?

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    Hello all. I have not seen much about Hydro-Temp heat pumps on the forum, can anyone speak to their efficiency and/or quality? The two quotes I am considering are nearly identical, except one is a Hydro-Temp and the other is a WF Envision.

    Also, the Hydro-Temp contractor has quoted a dual compressor set up, which seems somewhat unique. 3-stage cooling and 4-stage heating. He says that the dual speed compressors don't work as well or last as long as the dual-compressor configuration. Any thoughts?

    Some basics on my install: 2400 sq. ft. living space, 1000 sq. ft. finishable basement, plenty of room and good soil for a horizontal loop config, Columbus OH temps. Both have quoted 3-ton systems, assuming I upgrade to 2x6 blown fiberglass in the walls and R-60 in the attic.

    Thanks again everyone,

  2. AMI Contracting

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    I have no experience with Hydro-Temp but can tell you Florida Heat Pump, Waterfurnace and Climatemaster upgraded to the 2 stage compressors after a slew of difficulty with dual compressors.
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    I agree with Joe. I am not sure what Hydro Temps annual sales are, but I am sure they pale in comparison to some of the big guys. I would need a very compelling reason to go with them.
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    Ok guys, thanks for the input. I think I'm going to go with the more local guy (WaterFurnace), even though he's slightly more expensive. He has a good reputation, and I trust him to build me a nice system. Thanks again!
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    I have a Hydro-Temp heat pump

    And would be glad to share my experiences with the forum. I have only been living in the house for about 10 months. New construction, 4- ton, air on main floor 2000 sq ft, 100% DHW, radiant in basement walkout and garage on lower level.

    I look forward to talking about my system.

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    Aside from knowing your brand has very little footprint we have no other feed back.
    It is a blank slate for you to fill......
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    New to this, not sure of the best way to post.

    I misunderstood your foot print comment, yes the company is smaller then Water Furnace ect.

    Your post was missing the first sentence, about posting in Testimonials, I didn't read that part until I opened up my e-mail.

    Maybe I need some help from Phil, my post could be moved to my testimonial thread.

    Sorry to everyone, I will have to learn more about forums as well as Geo.

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    I edited my first sentance as you already seemed to have a post in testimonials. You needn't apologize to the guy who opened his mouth before looking.....:D
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    Hydro-Temp vs Waterfurnace

    I am very pleased so far with my HT heat pump.

    If your still reading Bengee, let us know where you are with your project.


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