New York Hydro-Temp Issues

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  1. Wondering if others have experienced problems with Hydro-Temp's systems or problems with their response to issues?

    Our 4-year-old, 4-ton geothermal system has had issues over the past few years. Most recently, 8 weeks ago it failed again, and the issue was misdiagnosed as a faulty compressor board. We had to wait 5 weeks for a replacement board - we were told that the manufacturer had gone out of business unexpectedly. The unit failed again a few days later, and now we were told the entire compressor needed to be replaced. It's been three weeks since the last diagnosis, and we finally received notification that the replacement compressor has shipped. We have been 8 weeks without A/C, and now heat - now on emergency heat for the past week.

    We are unhappy with Hydro-Temp's casual response and lengthy replacement process. Any similar experiences out there?
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    I replied to your thread on Green Building Talk.

    I needed a new heat exchanger on my Hydro-Temp, they did take 4-5 weeks to get the part to my installer.

    My unit is the older style with 2 compressors. Hopefully your tech is familiar with their variable speed compressors.

    This is my testimonial:, if you feel like reading about my experience.
  3. Appreciate your comments, Chris. Don't know why it takes Hydro-Temp so long to address equipment issues. As more people go with geothermal systems this is a consideration when choosing a manufacturer. Although the choice was made for us by our HVAC contractor who said Hydro-Temp was reputable. Sorry I didn't see your reply on Green Building Talk - looks like that forum doesn't feed directly through my emails.

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