Hybrid open loop / closed ground loop

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by StevieB, Jul 21, 2011.

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    I have unlimited spring water which feeds my house. Is there any practicality in going to my domestic water when the ground loop is hot in the heat of the summer? I could install 3-way valves and make the swap when it seems practical. Anybody have experience with type of set up. Would I need an air separator? Should I expect to add water on occasion? I need to decide on the upgraded heat exchanger before I write the check.
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    This could be done but not inexpensively. You would need to answer alot of questions and make sure both loops (open/closed) are isolated from one another.

    You could look at isolating plate exchangers or lawn irrigation as ways to employ free flowing water for its btu's.
  3. StevieB

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    Joe, Thanks for your response.
    I was thinking about three way valves and have direct hookup from domestic to HP or Ground loop. I would dilute my methanol mixture with every swap by the amount of domestic water in the heat pump plus piping. Good? Bad? Any expense beyond the upgrade heat exchanger, 3w valves and some programming is a no go.
    Your opinion is appreciated.
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    In whatever manner, you would not be "swapping". It is most likely you would isolate the heat pump through a heat exchanger. Potable water vs. antifreeze mixtures would have everybody that has a permit book visiting you:).

    So, as Joe mentioned, you would be isolating and not mixing the two streams; thus, the costs that start adding up to go this route.
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    Honestly this will be an exercise where the cost of materials will hardly be justified v savings.
    This is a better endeavor for the engineer who wants to win the "I use the least energy game".:D
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    I play that game, but it is not for the ill-informed or faint of heart.

    The usual discliamers apply...Your mileage may vary, don't try this at home, closed course, do not attempt.

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