HWG for baseboard heat?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by hardchines, Jan 19, 2009.

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    I plumbed in my HWG over the weekend and is working great so far, it is a closed loop system to a water storage tank. I turned on system last night around 8:00 PM, at 6:00 AM the water temp in the storage tank was at 90F.

    I was considering having the aqua stat in the Amtrol storage tank turn on a set of water solenoids to divert the HWG water through a length of baseboard when the water tank temp is satisfied. Is this a total waste, will this just lesson the amount of heat the geo system will put out to the heating air? :confused:
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    As preheat tank temp rises, fraction of heat diverted to hot water drops, so a greater proportion goes to heating air.

    The overall effect is quite small, ranging from a high of perhaps 15% when the preheat tank is stone cold down to 5% or so when the preheat tank's temperature nears the geo compressor discharge temp. Many systems cut the HWG when incoming HW reaches 130. That is for safety - domestic water should not be heated much past that point
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    A better setup might be to just have a t-stat on the baseboard that calls for heat when it is required.

    Otherwise, your baseboard will be producing heat whenever your hot water tank has reached its temp. I can't really see that being ideal (especially in summer).

    All distribution is "downstream" of the buffer tank in order to prevent the short-cycling of the heat pump. The added benefit is that distribution controls also don't interfere with one another and the operation of the heat pump.

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