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    I have a couple of geo quotes and one company says to go with a 4 ton unit and the other says to go with a 5 ton unit. I would like to buy the HVAC Calc to run the numbers myself but I'm curious how easy it is for a non-HVAC person to figure out the program? This is a new construction so I have the blueprints and know all the R values and everything so with this information how easy is the program to use?

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    I use what I use

    it is like just right jeans or boots. Neither has failed me yet. I have noticed that my old comfortable program has no idea about open or closed cell foam insulation.

    The issue with all programs is GIGO. So if you buy the $50.00 DIY special and follow the directions you will be fine.

    I do not think like most in the HVAC industry and am often bullied about not doing it the "right" way. I do not care as all my customers are comfortable.

    I do not know the link to the program, but I am sure you can find it here or someone will link you to the site.


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