HRV & Geo - A problem

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    I agree with Lucky

    We NEVER pipe stuff wrong.


    The Skuttle product helps with ex-filtration as it pressurizes the building.
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    Re: Look up where it's connected

    I also have been having problems with my system when the temperature gets below freezing. You can see my saga in "Help! my geosystem is not working!"
    We had the geo system replace an oil furnace with forced hot air. There was a massive fresh air intake
    vent attached to the system. They left the duct connected but closed the damper. This seemed very ineffective. I read in this forum that a common problem is keeping the air intake attached so I had the installer disconnect it and cap it.
    This has made a big difference- my pipes and flow center are no longer frosting up and the temperature is better even though the top floor is very hot.
    We still need to get adjustments made but are getting closer.
    The installer is here now and I will suggest that he look into the return air duct recycling the warm air from the top floor and pushing it back down.
    Only trouble is that I am doing his job for him!!!

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