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    I have a hotspring about 250 feet from my home up a a fairly steep hill resulting in it being about 75 feet higher in elevation then the ground floor. The spring produces about 250 gallons and hour at 86 degrees Fahrenheit year round. I'd like to know what my options are for harnessing some of this energy for heating my home (forced air/some radiant heating instalked but not yet operational). The big catch is the water must leave my property at about 75 feet above my house, so I cannot directly pipe it down, so i need to harness the heat remotely and send it to the house in some manner.

    Thanks for any advice, my Google searches are full of advertisements for a million different systems, but none seam applicable to my situation...
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    A heat exchanger in a cistern would be relatively simple to do.
  3. Perhaps pictures and a clearer explanation of "the water must leave my property" would help.
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    The spring is in the middle of a large hill, I share water rights with my neighbor, my deed restricts the water to leave my lot at a certain point, not far from where it comes out of the ground. The water laterms comes back onto my lot downhill from my house where it collects in a pond. Maybe this picture will help?

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  5. Unsure what laterms means. What temp is it when it hits the pond? How far does it travel? Can you work a deal with your neighbor to split the water at the source and run half directly to you? I think we still need a ton more info.
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    Laterms = later, the water temperature at my lower pond is usually close to ground temperature... there are no deals to be worked with neighbor to my north, at least not one that would benefit me in anyway. There is a total of 5 springs which generate 800 gallons an hour, I'm sure if he saw me doing any work he'd start measuring the output at his pond to the north.
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    As Chris said a heat exchanger in a cistern would be fine. Essentially leave the spring but take the hot. A sort of pond loop.
    I would think you need to amplify this with a heat pump, but if you had densely spaced radiant floors or high output baseboards you might be able to use it straight.
  8. Yep, Bergy and Joe are right on this one. If you can't divert the water, divert the heat. Mark and I did that once with a cold spring that ran a constant much lower temperature, but with a higher output gpm so that it never froze. Worked great.
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    Thanks guys! Very helpful start to my reasearch.
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    Stephanie and I have developed cold springs to do geo without water rights issues. Upper or lower issues.

    My avatar to the left is one such system. It looks nice but the water ate the copper in 300 days.

    More data.


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