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    Hi, First post here. Looked around the site though with so many threads, finding a specific answer was difficult. If this is a duplicate question, please point me in the right direction of it's dupe and I will remove this one.

    So, we moved into a home in April 2015 that has a Geo thermal system fitted, with an in-ground loop. I can get the rough footage, if needed, though off the top of my head, it's perhaps around 1000' (the previous owner mentioned having more than enough fitted)

    The furnace is fitted with resistance heaters

    We understand, for many reasons, that you're not supposed to back off these systems as you would with a gas furnace. So. we have set our thermostat (which is an Emerson White Rogers 1F95-1277 touch screen thermostat) to do the following (for the winter)

    4:30am - 23 deg C
    7:30am - 21 deg C
    4:00pm - 23 deg C
    10:30pm - 20.5 deg C

    What we notice a lot is that

    1. The temp can show currently 23, and it needs to be at 23 yet the resistance heaters are on (shown by the +2 that appears on the thermostat)
      1. This doesn't seem right to me. I would expect this is we were going from 20.5 to 23 for a little here and there, though when it's within 1 deg this seems odd.
    2. When going from 23 to 21, or 23 to 20.5 the thermostat doesn't just let the temp lower itself gradually, but instead turns the cool air on.
      1. This also doesn't seem right. I understand we have instructed the thermostat to maintain a lower temp, though to cool right back seems odd. We would like this to not be the case, unless we set it to cool.

    It would appear that these 2 main points are costing us a small fortune to heat our home.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to alleviate these 2 points?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    You are limited by the t-stat but you can do the following:

    1 - Make sure fast heat is off. Additional stages will automatically come on based on system run time. There is limited control of this by that t-stat. BUT, you can lockout emergency heat if you connect it to an outdoor reset and set it up to not ever come on until it is a certain (cold) temp outside.

    2. Turn it in to either heat mode or cool mode - not Auto.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    1) Ok, I'll check the installer config for the thermostat and see if there is a fast-heat switch
    2) god dammit.... figured it would need to be on Auto to take care of itself.... o_O

    thanks again! Let you know if i find a fast-heat (or similar) setting
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    We don't have a 2nd stage heater though figured that would be the resistive heater

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