how to add a geo storage HW tank

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    I want to add a storage tank for DHW to my system and would like some advice how it should be plumbed. I have a 4 ton water to air open loop system from Water Furnace envision N49. I live in RI. Right now I have an eighty gal. electric HW tank connected to the SDH .I also have an oil furnace for back up that has a 50 gal storage tank. I have disconnected the oil furnace HW thermostat so I depend on the SDH and electric HW tank for DHW. No water passes between the oil furnace system and the geo system.
    Hot water is circulated from the DSH to the electric tank. What I want to do is have hot water from the DSH stored in the storage tank and then have it passed on to the electric tank for heating to final DHW temperature.
    How should I have this plumbed?
    Thanks Ed
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    Plumb it as shown...

    in the attachment.


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    Bergy, Thats a great diagram, Thank You,

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