How much generation do I actually need to run my WF 5-series?

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    It is a common misconception that dual stage compressors have lower startup / locked rotor current than singles, and also that they run at lower rpm in low stage. In fact their electrical characteristics and shaft speed are same as singles of similar capacity.

    The staging mechanism consists solely of a refrigerant circuit partial unloader that reduces mass flow, work, capacity, current and power of the compressor by about 1/3 when active.
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    Here's a Copeland Secure Start on ebay for a good price if it fits your compressor starting amps :

    I've been thinking about doing a DIY Solar panel array install and a wind generator to work in parallel with it, so I'll be looking into one of these Secure Starts to protect the Compressor in the future. Those 250W Solar Panels are getting reasonable to buy for a DIY install.
    From past Home Improvement shows I've watched, solar panel installs could cost as much as Geothermal Installs. They both were running $35K to $45K in 2005.

    The Power companies have never made so much money while reliability has suffered due to the downsizing of the Linemen Crew. The list of charges have never been more ridicules now including RIDERS. It's time to find my own reliable power source so when my neighbor wants to install another power pole the Power Company doesn't shut off power to my house without giving me a courtesy call. That's happened a few times and if the wind blows you can count on the power going out. The Wind Generator will be producing peak power while the Power Company is trying to find a lineman to fix a pole transformer problem.
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    Generators have changed and improved. The preferred ones now have electronic "soft start" especially engineered for motor start up. Examples: well motors, and geo-thermal applications. Soft Start eases the (X 5) HIGH lock rotor start up amperage or surge start up. "Soft start" may enable a customer to use a slightly smaller capacity generator (which saves fuel) The newer ones are not merely fixed sine wave (which drifts a bit) but often electronic. Similar to Variable Frequency Drive except that it guards a "perfect sine wave". What that basically means is that harmonic distortion is lower (a good thing) and sine waves are pure (another good thing) <One of the problems with DC power inverters is that the modified sine wave invertor is less efficient AND causes the motor(s) they run to run 10% hotter. (not a good thing)
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    Same here:
    "4 ton waterfurnace 5-series on a external monitoring system.
    right now is it drawing 2370 generator watts in stage 1, including blower and circulation pumps, although it is only a 1 pump flowcenter. EWT is 44F."
    Btw thanks for advices.

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