How many tons can this support?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by asapjun, Mar 8, 2012.

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    Air temp coming out of geo will never match that of a NG system. Your comparing that of a hair dryer to a Bon fire. Of course the Bon fire will throw more heat.
    You had a bad experience, with possibly a snotty install. If he had a full system installed for the price of your drilling, then I need to relocate to your area and start drilling there.
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    Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. - Air Conditioning & Heating

    I am not comparing to NG.. he installed an air source heat pump.. and those are the real temps out of the vent .. this thing is now good to minus 30..

    So let me ask you what you would charge to drill 6 holes in solid rock 275 deep .. piped and grouted?
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    First let me appolgize, i thought i read he installed a NG system
    Second I can not speak on air drilling pricing because I am a mud rotary driller. In my area we do not experience too much rock. I know just enough about air rotary that I can get myself in real trouble. But from what I understand, it's cheaper to drill with air than mud rotary.
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    No big deal... anyway.. for what it is worth it cost me $15,000 for drilling and grout. I probably would have never known the break out between the drilling and the rest but as I stated long ago I got caught between a guy not paying another guy.. so this is how this got all broken out... have no clue if 15,000 grand is a good price or bad price or even a fair price .. I do know my friends new Mit system cost $14,000 which is cheaper than what I paid just for the drilling only..
    So what is the sales pitch when you Geo guys are trying to sell against these air source Mitsubishi heat pump guys?
    I see the Mitsubishi sales pitch and comparison in this link
    Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. - Air Conditioning & Heating
    however I see no comparison to Geo ? So this is why I ask I guess..
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    Just to not leave things hanging, I did swing by and met with asapjun. Beautiful home. Shame on the headaches he's going through.

    But it is just some plumbing it appears. Specifically load side plumbing. Overally restrictive and under-pumped are my first impressions. We'll help him get it smoothed out with his local plumbers and hopefully get things running well.

    And those drilling $'s are about right. $10/foot installed sems to be the general number.
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    Well you beat me to it... I just want to publically state I really appreciate you taking time out of your work week and day to stop by..

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