Ontario How do i change the display to read celcius from fahrenheit

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Don, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Don

    Don New Member

    hi I have a old water furnace thermostat model TA32E02 from around 1994, i want to change the display from fahrenheit to celcius , i forget how to do it and dont have the manual , i know you need to push a or some buttons and then it goes into a special menu were the display can be changed from fahrenheit to celcius, there are other things that can be changed in this menu i think such as display error corection of temp .
  2. Don

    Don New Member

    I will answer my own post , to change display from fahrenheit to celcius all you do is push the up on the heat and the down on the cool buttons at the same time ,and to calibrate the display you just need to know the corect temp at the thermostat ,and push and hold a small white button on the back of the display and then push the up or down button to adjust to corect temp

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