Massachusetts How can I tell if I have Intellistart?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Mort, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Mort

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    Our WF Envision Series 5 Model 072 was installed in 2015. Since the start of the heating season here in Massachusetts this year, I've noticed the lights flickering more than in previous winters when there is a call for heat.

    When the system was installed, I thought Intellistart was included in our system. I'm starting to wonder if that is the case. I've got a real-time energy monitor and it shows a 2000 watt spike when the compressor kicks on (see attached screen shot - the x-axis shows 60 seconds of power consumption data).

    Sadly, my installer is now out of business, so I can't rely on them for questions. How can I tell if I have Intellistart? Is is visible and external to the geothermal unit?

    Thanks for any advice.


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  2. docjenser

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    looks like you have Intellistart! The spike would be much, much higher without it.

    Maximum Continuous Current (MCC) is 46.3

    Running Load Amps (RLA) are 29.6
    Locked Rotator Amps without Intellistart is 179.2, with Intellistart is 63.0.
  3. Mort

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    Thanks. Glad to know we do have Intellistart.

    I'm still wondering if something is going on with our system... This morning, I noticed the fans running hard in the kitchen, pulled up the Symphony dashboard, and saw that we were at stage 2 heat and the compressor was only drawing 677 w (not the ~3000 watts it usually pulls).

    I turned of heat call at all t-stats, turned off power to unit, gave it 2 minutes rest, powered it back on, waited 5 minutes, and then turned up the t-stat in our main zone again. It appears to have been running normally since.

    What warning flags does this raise? My perception recently is the system is seeming to draw more power when the compressor kicks in and now at least one instance of the compressor seemingly turning off during a heat call.

    Since our installer is out of business, I realize I need establish a relationship with someone who can service our unit. But any advice about what issues might explain why our system is behaving this way would be helpful.



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  4. docjenser

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    I'd say the compressor was not running. 61 F discharge air? 0F for return air entering the heat pump? Are your sensors hooked up?

    Speed was low stage.

    Incorrectly wired? So you have a zone panel? Waterfurnace intellizone? 1 or 2?

    I am with you, a 6 ton drawing 670 watts in 1st stage does not fit. It was in some kind of lockout mode, since it went away when reset.
  5. Mort

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    Unfortunately, we are starting to see this behavior with some frequency. Usually after a call for heat, the compressor draws 600 watts for a few minutes and then kicks into full operations and draws the usual 3400-3600 watts. At the moment, though, it has been stuck in the 600-watt limbo mode for at least 10+ minutes despite the calls for heat.

    We've had no trouble for past 3 years and the system has performed I think it is hooked up correctly. Our Aurora dashboard shows 0F for entering air because we don't have the thermostats connected to Aurora (they are Emerson Sensi t-stats). We do have WaterFurnace Intellizone - I suppose 1 since it doesn't indicate it is 2.

    Any advice on anything I can try to get the system back up and running? I'm trying to get service, but it'll be tough with tomorrow being a Friday!

    Update: System ran for 20+ minutes with compressor bumping along at 600-700 watts. Heating call went from stage 1 to 2. Compressor (according to Aurora) shifted from low to high. After 25 minutes, the compressor did kick on and is now operating as expected for the moment.


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  6. docjenser

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    I would try to bypass the intellistart, just take it out to see if that cures your problem.

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