Horizontal Loopfield effects on Deck footers and above ground pool

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Optimal depth for a horizontal loop

  1. 2' below frost line

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  2. 4' below frost line

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  3. The deeper the better

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  1. Douglas Nathe

    Douglas Nathe New Member

    Hi all,

    I didn't find a previous post that was related.

    Just bought a house. The current deck in a tear down. So I will have an open back yard for up to a 10,000sqft slinky field. My concern is the some of the loop field area will be covered in the future with a deck and above ground pool.

    Upstate NY. 2000sqft colonial home. System sizing to be determined.
    Depth of loop field. 7-8 feet.

    1. Will setting the deck footers an extra 2-3 (6-7ft total depth, basically stacking two 4' tube forms) feet deeper be enough protection from frost heaves? I am not sure how much a loop field can lower the frost line.
    2. Will frost heaves be an issue under the pool area?

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